Project Management

What is it?

Provision of professional management of projects with a view to increasingproject-management organizational efficiency and performance.

What do we do?

  • Writing business plans for new and ongoing businesses.
  • Designing new businesses for start-up entrepreneurs.
  • Sourcing of financing for businesses.
  • Undertaking project monitoring and process improvements.
  • Supervision of new or on going organizational projects.
  • Capacity assessments to address & provide solutions for organizational constraints that lead to poor business results.

Why is it important for your organization?

  • Cost reduction initiatives, strategic alignment and clarity of focus.
  • Project leadership and quality control.
  • Improvements in organizational processes and efficient management of complexity.
  • Independent oversight of organizational projects.
  • Measure and disseminate the impact of organizational interventions.
  • Better understand how to improve organizational efficiency.
  • Better focus on organizational activities and use of resources.